they/them pronouns (have to choose between m/f on this generator which is :/)


This pink-skinned person is 5’ 6" tall and is narrow-waisted.
They have hazel eyes and hip length, short, curly red hair usually braided.
They have a triangular face, large eyes, a pierced nose, hollow cheeks, ears that stick out, a large mouth, and a cleft chin with long sideburns.
Their clothes are sometimes masculine and they prefer them to be white.
A notable feature is their freckles.

Age: 25 yrs – Born 12th of February
Personality: Dishonest, dull-witted, unkind, cowardly and rarely angry
Social Class: Upper class
Education: Has expert knowledge of a particular subject
Job: Athlete – 99% satisfied
Financial status: Struggling
Religious view: Agnostic
World view: Optimist
Racial views: “Everyone is equal”
Gender bias: “I respect women in professional roles”
Age preference: “Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future”
Nationalism: “I don’t like this country, but so many others are much worse”
Conflict: “War is wrong”
Physical/Health: Has a lisp
Quirks: Swears a lot, Can never keep plants alive, Scratches their head when confused
Likes: Writing
Dislikes: Slobs, Doing laundry, Lists that aren’t rounded numbers
Afraid of: Dentists
Self-satisfaction: 26% – Stable
Fitness level: 78% – Decreasing
Motivator: fanaticism
Skills: Excels at basketball and sculpting. Excels at muay tai
Colours: Likes purple and pale grey, hates orange
Music: Likes Hip Hop, hates Disco
Foods: Likes lots of meat
Book Genre: Tall Tales


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