cis female


Age: 27 yrs – Born 18th of October
Personality: Nice, bright, sadistic, content and cheerful
Appearance: Caramel skin, brown eyes and long, messy brown hair.
5’ 9" and has a slender build. Usually wears sporty clothes and she prefers them to be boldly coloured.
6’ 0" tall and is fat.
hair which is very healthy.
She has an angular face.

A notable feature is her distinctive hair.

Personal Status
Social Class: Working class
Education: Can’t write
Job: Jailer – 59% satisfied
Financial status: Struggling

Personal views
Religious view: Atheist
World view: Idealist
Racial views: “Some races are more equal than others”
Gender bias: “Men are violent and un-empathetic”
Age preference: “Old people are no longer useful”
Nationalism: “I don’t mind my country”
Conflict: “I am a pacifist”

Physical/Health: Has allergies
Quirks: Always says the name of the person they’re talking to at the end of each sentence
Likes: Gardening, Drinking alcohol
Dislikes: People who don’t cover their mouths while coughing, Scratched disks, People who scuff their feet whilst walking
Afraid of: Hospitals
Self-satisfaction: 67% – Decreasing
Fitness level: 79% – Decreasing
Motivator: A wrongful accusation
Skills: Very good at singing. Secretly skilled at intimidation and drunken boxing

Colours: Likes lime
Music: Likes Rap
Foods: Vegetarian food
Book Genre: None


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