trans female

Age: 26 yrs – Born 5th of July
Personality: Powerful, dumb, heartless, submissive and emotionless
Appearance: Bronze skin, dark grey eyes and elaborately styled brown hair.
5’ 6" and has an athletic build. Usually wears casual clothes.
She has a square face, well groomed eyebrows, knowing eyes, a pointed nose, hollow cheeks, large ears, and a pointed chin.
Her clothes are generally practical and she prefers them to be white.
A notable feature is her distinctive clothes.

Personal Status
Marital status: Single (Heterosexual)
Social Class: Lower middle class
Education: Has poor spelling ability
Job: Newspaper reporter – 57% satisfied
Financial status: Struggling

Personal views
Religious view: Atheist
World view: Idealist
Racial views: “There’s no such thing as a ‘Master race’”
Gender bias: “Men and women are equal, but have different strengths and weaknesses”
Age preference: “Respect for all ages”
Nationalism: “I don’t like this country, but so many others are much worse”
Conflict: “Violence never solves anything”

Physical/Health: Is allergic to peanuts
Quirks: Never flushes the toilet
Likes: Collecting coupons, Playing football, Drinking alcohol
Dislikes: Loud chewing, Slow walkers
Afraid of: Technology, The dark, and Rejection
Self-satisfaction: 22% – Increasing
Fitness level: 63% – Stable
Motivator: Justice
Skills: Very good at weightlifting. Secretly skilled at lying and persuasion. Knows how to use a blade

Colours: Likes pink, hates light green
Music: Likes Country, hates Rap
Foods: Junk food
Book Genre: Humour


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