half orc

Name: Isas Hancock
Age: 31 yrs – Born 23rd of October
Personality: Flirtatious, gullible, considerate, self-pitying and irritable
Appearance: Olive skin, green eyes and long, curly light brown hair.
6’ 1" and is fat. Usually wears stylish clothes.

Personal Status
Social Class: Working class
Education: Great at maths
Job: Unemployed – 89% satisfied
Financial status: Average

Personal views
Religious view: Theist – (Faith: 74%)
World view: Realist
Racial views: “A person’s race doesn’t sway my trust in them”
Gender bias: “Men are strong and independent, women are weak and helpless”
Age preference: “I respect actions, not ages”
Nationalism: “Jingoism is the way”
Conflict: “When talking doesn’t work, sometimes we’re forced to fight”

Physical/Health: Has a lisp
Quirks: Puts their feet up on furniture, Slouches
Likes: Camping, Watching films
Dislikes: When people take food from their plate without asking, People who are always on their phone
Afraid of: Needles/syringes, and Snakes
Self-satisfaction: 81% – Decreasing
Fitness level: 95% – Increasing
Motivator: Duty
Skills: Excels at crafting and abseiling. Good at mountaineering and hot-wiring a car
Colours: Likes purple
Music: Likes Bollywood, hates Country
Foods: Spicy food
Book Genre: Crime


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