Epett Rurush


Name: Ekundayo Fox
Age: 30 yrs – Born 8th of April
Personality: Straightforward, dumb, reliable, insecure and tense
Appearance: Brown skin, light green eyes and long, thick blonde hair.
5’ 11" and has a light build. Usually wears plain clothes.

Personal Status
Social Class: Middle class
Education: Has poor spelling ability
Job: Pediatrician – 51% satisfied
Financial status: Well off

Personal views
Religious view: Atheist
World view: Realist
Racial views: “Some races are more equal than others”
Gender bias: “Men who cry are weak”
Age preference: “I respect actions, not ages”
Nationalism: “I would die for my country”
Conflict: “I always try to avoid physical confrontations”

Physical/Health: No notable issues
Quirks: Doesn’t wash their hands after using the toilet, Doodles on any bit of paper while waiting for something
Likes: Playing board games, Doing jigsaw puzzles
Dislikes: Slow drivers, Bright sunlight, Slow songs, People who tease dogs through fences
Afraid of: Dogs, Getting lost, and The dark
Self-satisfaction: 29% – Increasing
Fitness level: 11% – Stable
Motivator: The desire for wealth
Skills: Good at cricket. Skilled at wrestling and muay tai

Colours: Likes pale grey
Music: Likes Latin, hates Soul
Foods: Vegan food
Book Genre: Mythology

Epett Rurush

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