This fair-skinned person is 5’ 1" tall and has a large build.
They have brown eyes and lank black hair.
They have a triangular face, smooth eyebrows, and a round chin.
Their clothes are sometimes loose and they prefers them to be patterned.
They has a narrow face, pierced eyebrows, cold eyes, a small nose, hollow cheeks, and a rounded jaw.
A notable feature is their cheap perfume.

Age: 25 yrs – Born 27th of February
Personality: Indiscreet, a fast learner, detached, shy and despondent

Personal Status
Marital status: Single – Friendships only
Social Class: Aristocracy
Education: Can’t read
Job: Sales Assistant – 48% satisfied
Financial status: Wealthy

Personal views
Religious view: Doutheist – (Faith: 19%)
World view: Realist
Racial views: “Some races are more equal than others”
Gender bias: “Men and women are equal”
Age preference: “Respect your elders”
Nationalism: “I hate my country”
Conflict: “I am a pacifist”

Physical/Health: Wears glasses
Quirks: Often glances at their watch
Likes: Playing online games
Dislikes: People who are always on their phone, Low battery on their phone, Being touched by cold hands, Tedious games
Afraid of: Isolation, and Frogs
Self-satisfaction: 41% – Stable
Fitness level: 47% – Increasing
Motivator: A personal vow
Skills: Good at learning languages and cooking. Very good at akido and knife-throwing. Knows how to use a dagger

Colours: Likes crimson
Music: Likes Electronic, hates Rock
Foods: Sour food
Book Genre: Fanfiction


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